This is goodbye

Unfortunately we've closed the doors at Mighty Sharp. We did some amazing work, made a huge impact on tens of organisations, and nurtured some fantastic talent. But all good things must come to an end.

Huge thanks in particular to the team below, who created some amazing work over the past few years. It was a blast.

Rob Calvert, Stuart Bates and Tony Dong

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  1. Stuart Bates

    Stuart Bates

    Started in '09 LinkedIn
  2. Andrew Birley

    Andrew Birley

    Started in '11 LinkedIn
  3. Rob Calvert

    Rob Calvert

    Started in '09 LinkedIn
  4. Tony Dong

    Tony Dong

    Started in '16 LinkedIn
  5. Fabricio Farriera

    Fabricio Farriera

    Started in '17 LinkedIn
  6. Josh Greencroft

    Josh Greencroft

    Started in '16 LinkedIn
  7. Bhavesh Mistry

    Bhavesh Mistry

    Started in '17 LinkedIn
  8. Liz Mowforth

    Liz Mowforth

    Started in '17 LinkedIn
  9. Adam Rais

    Adam Rais

    Started in '14 LinkedIn
  10. Jessica Rodgers

    Jessica Rodgers

    Started in '14 LinkedIn
  11. Adam Sandford

    Adam Sandford

    Started in '16 LinkedIn
  12. Matt Studdert

    Matt Studdert

    Started in '14 LinkedIn
  13. Steph Thommen

    Steph Thommen

    Started in '17 LinkedIn
  1. Buddy


    Started in '14
  2. Pip


    Started in '16
  3. Daisy


    Started in '17
  4. Zen


    Started in '17

But of course, we didn't do this on our own

We were lucky enough to work with a huge range of amazing clients, freelancers and advisors. To anyone who helped us along the way, thank you - we couldn't have done it without you.

Some friends we helped along the way

  • JP Morgan
  • YouGov
  • Fauna & Flora International
  • WaterAid
  • Pulse Films
  • UNEP
  • World Vision
  • Christian Aid
  • University of Cambridge
  • Heartier
  • Supply Compass
  • SomeoneWho
  • DBG
  • Voxbone
  • Enterprise Nation
  • Claire Austin
  • Property Partner
  • One2One Medicine
  • Sundog Pictures

People who recognised our work

  • Drum DADI Awards
  • Drum Design Awards